Tuesday, November 16, 2010

~Reach for the Top~

 As I was sitting at my desk on yesterday my mind wandered off to mountain climbing and I realized mountain climbing can be a very dangerous and fatal sport. Especially with a mixture of inexperience, poor planning and lack of sufficient equipment. To be successful, an individual would need someone that is well trained and experienced before attempting their first climb.

As I started looking a little more into mountain climbing I started to think about life of a Christian. Just as a mountain climber, Christians must be properly equipped on this walk. It is very important that one seeks guidance from an experienced leader that has experience and training for this new walk. Also, it is important to know what is involved and one would learn that by researching their Creator. Being a Christian is not always an easy task, depending on your season; it can be a real challenge, because even in making the decision of a new walk there are times you will want to give up.

There are many Christians that do not succeed, just like a mountain climber, due to lack of equipment and strength. One must become familiar with the main focus of this walk because it is very likely to become faced with many different challenges and if not in shape and not fully equipped it is possible to start feeling weak and fall. As Christians we tend to feel we can sometimes do things on our own and we know exactly how things should go. We must learn to understand the importance of a leader, someone that can guide you when you need direction and push you when you want to give up. Life can be a tough mountain to climb due to the many circumstances we sometimes face, but this is why it is important we study and research so one can be fully equipped with what it takes to push though those tough moments. We must recognize that our strength comes from the Lord.

Often times we want to bring too much “gear”.  Gear can sometimes be associates or friends that are sometimes extra baggage for this journey. It is not always noticed but sometimes friends can carry many distractions, unnecessary problems and selfish attitudes that can cause you to stumble and fall. Even in the animal kingdom, the higher up the mountain you go the lower the population gets. The same is true in our lives, the higher you go the lonelier it can get. The very friends that tried to follow and even wanted to follow did not have enough strength, stamina, and/or gear to go any higher. It is during this time you begin to realize that the horizontal relationships are no longer as important as your vertical relationship with the ONE above that will continue to pour strength into you as you strive to reach the top.  As you start to look back you will begin to recognize that you could not have done this alone which gives you an inner excitement to keep striving. So as you take that last look at your past it is now time to say good bye and move forward. No matter how hard the climb may get, don’t give up until you reach the top.

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